Marine Systems & Mechanical Design

The Marine system division is the mechanic and technological heart of the naval project.

It deals with propulsion system, handling system, maneuvering and stabilization system.

Strengthened by specific and complex design projects, we have developed, during the years, new, innovative and advanced systems, with the particular goal of offering an high quality product that can be able to increase comfort on board and, at the same time, be attentive to eco-friendly materials and energy saving.

Propulsion systems

We are among the few engineering team can design propulsion systems that best meet the customer’s needs.
Our proposal allows you to create the best propulsion system without restrictions on speed, power and type of engine.



Handling systems

We are looking to the future offering fully electric handling systems.

Solutions that allow to enjoy your investment even in the seas with the most restrictive regulations



Stabilization systems

Starting from an all-round analysis of ship motions, with math models and a database of previous experiences, we design stabilization systems (fins, flaps, interceptors) that maximize comfort on board and reduce resistance to motion.