Patents and R&D


The things that we can only imagine today are the things that we will use tomorrow in our everyday life. To see further than the others we need to stand on the shoulder of the giant and look over the mountains. Protect our ideas and the one of our customers means protect our future.

Innovative platform

Among the many proposals that we are proud to include is the patent for an innovative handling solution for side or aft balcony

Light conveyor system fully integrated in the gangway

The embarkation of heavy and bulky loads on board yachts is a problem that we have tried to solve with our patent of an innovative modular gangway capable of making everything simpler, more functional and practical, avoiding even dangerous “men overboard”



Hybrid propulsion system

Only thank to the Verme hybrid solution (patent pending) where the electric motor is moved after the gear box in the drive chains, once the full electric mode is selected, the silence and the efficiency will get to the top.


Silent thruster

Thank to the Verme Silent Thruster solution, where two coaxial thruster tunnels are present, once connected to the hull and the other dancing on special elastic mounts and supporting the propeller gear box, the bow thruster noise will disappear.