About Verme Projects

About Verme Projects

Passion and innovation

Verme Projects is made out of passion, they call it jokingly “holy fire”, for innovation and integrated design. It built its roots in the late 1990s, time in which design environment was turning towards super-specialization.

Thinking about those times, it’s clear to understand how they turned out to be the beginning of a radical change in the design approach. Those were years in which the automotive, for example, was losing its romantic features Forghieri-like, figures who in F1 were directly involved in aerodynamics, engine and chassis.

From that moment, design became more and more a field where technical detail dominated the scene and design started to divide itself necessary among dozens and dozens of engineers, each one focused on developing individual components. Constantly increasing performance and technology required many more heads and minds at work, but they also took away the magic halo that design had in the hands of a single engineer.

Multidisciplinary for an Integrated design

The nautical sector has followed this evolution in a longer time, keeping in some ways, a more classic approach. Verme Projects was born right in that time of transition, when it was still possible to think of a global project, where it was possible to put hands on anything from the hull to the structures up to the concept design. For Massimo Verme it was an overwhelming passion and an excellent gym to gain experience.

Those years lead to the belief that it could be able to face design with a global integrated approach, building step by step a team of professionals, who could deal, in the right way, the new technological challenges the market required.

The central point of the project had to be faced by building a team based on multidisciplinary skills that collaborated and contaminated each other under the guidance of the team leader/project manager.

Massimo Verme’s challenge consisted in making the global design vision coexist with fragmentation necessary to pursue cutting edge technological levels. With Verme Projects he realized what he defines as integrated design, that is the best answer to the nautical world needs, the only way to reach the state of the art in the development of boats, combining technological innovation, experience and reliability. This is a synthesis, achievable only when the parts of the project merge perfectly.

First personal design Company
Massimo Verme starts his works in Yacht Design in February 1995, as structural engineer, performing finite element structural calculations and 3D surface modelling.
In 1996 started working with composite design FE software, buying first licence of Algor ( now Autodesk Simulation ). Works for famous design gurus introducing advanced design techniques in that period almost unknown in yacht design.
Collaborations: Arno, Overmarine
First complete Structural Designs
At beginning of 1998 started his long term collaboration with Andre Bacigalupo as external design studio, following moulds, hull and structural design, delivering complete projects. Leopard 24 was the first, followed by other Arno and Overmarine projects. Mangusta 72, 105, 108 are examples of this 5-years profitable collaboration.
Collaborations: Arno, Overmarine
2 team members | Collaborations: Isa
the Verme Project team is born
With the new millennium, the foundations are laid for the construction of a team of designers.
In 2001 starts his collaboration with ISA, on the successful series 470.
2 team members | Collaborations: Isa
First Complete Technical Project Management
By end of 2002, we have been involved in two challenging projects of ISA, 120 and 133 series. Personally in charge inside shipyard for project leadership and, as design company, for complete set of engineering drawings. This first, three years long, shipyard experience motivated us in creating our mission: combining styling, engineering and project management in an single team. Fascinated by yacht styling, Massimo Verme starts sketching his styling ideas, registering in 2004 the basic shape of one of our trade mark style elements ( see Design ).
PerMARE Amer 92 Complete Project
4 team members | Collaborations: Azimut-Benetti, PerMARE
First complete project: Styling and Engineering and Project Management
Customer of Studio Verme since 2000, in 2006 PerMARE decides to make a step ahead, choosing us for the development of a new range of yachts that began with Amer 92, relying not only on our engineering strength but also in our styling ideas. Our concept of integrated design take shape in this first successful project. By the end of 2007 we start our collaboration with Azimut-Benetti group, delivering design and being fully involved in production development of new projects.
Meanwhile the team is expanding thanks to two new figures.
4 team members | Collaborations: Azimut-Benetti, PerMARE
8 team members | Awards: Boat of year 2009, Nautical Design Awards
First Design Award
The second PerMARE model fully developed, Amer 116, win the award “Boat of year 2009” in his category. Motivations of the award recognition was both related to the exterion uncommon style and to extraordinary hull efficiency.
In 2010 we won the first edition of Nautical Design Awards and the team doubles its members, reaching 8 designers in total.
In 2011 one of our models was nominated for the historical, triennial award “Compasso d’Oro
8 team members | Awards: Boat of year 2009, Nautical Design Awards
Change of Pace
While another masterpiece of styling comes out from our styling team, Amer Cento, several other projects are developed from our team.
On engineering side our studio grow in capacity and experience, getting from Azimut-Benetti on order for two years of extensive engineering development of the bigger model of the new Benetti Grande fast series, the 140′. We manage to follow five projects over 30 m in parallel, two of them ( Cento and Benetti 140 ) with full shipyard project engineering and assistance. In 2013 we started our internationalization process, expanding our services and creating an international network of sales.
We are working in Europe, China and USA.
9 team members | Collaborations: Ferretti
Ferretti collaboration begins
Coming from a successful collaboration with Azimut-Benetti Group on the Benetti Fast 201 full technical project development and with the reference of awarded and performing designs such as Amer Cento, we started a close collaboration with Ferretti Engineering Department on Custom Line 120′ and Navetta 42′.
9 team members | Collaborations: Ferretti
Awards: Cannes Boat Show
Three Innovation Awards
Verme Projects recognizes the work and the team built over time, with Amer Cento, Amer 110 and Custom Line won three Innovation Awards in a row at Cannes Boat Show: 2016, 2017 and 2018.
Awards: Cannes Boat Show
10 team members
Facing difficulties and planning for the future
The pandemic marked our lives and changed radically everyone’s plans. We at Verme Projects wanted to turn difficulties into opportunities, we focused on tomorrow and on innovation, by depositing five patents, by joining in numerous competitions notice for research and development.
10 team members
15 team members
GerrisBoats, the innovative startup.
Spin-off of the Verme Projects studio, this disruptive and patented technology raises our creativity into the future of sustainability.
15 team members

Verme Projects – Via Moggia 75/C – 16033 Lavagna (GE) – Italy / +39 0185 323037
VAT 01365960994

Verme Projects
Via Moggia 75/C
16033 Lavagna (GE) – Italy
+39 0185 323037
VAT 01365960994

Copyright 2021 – Massimo Verme – All right reserved
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Copyright 2021 – Massimo Verme
All right reserved
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