Advanced mechanical design

Advanced mechanical design

We face difficulty with innovation and research

In Verme Projects we are used to dealing with challenges, we like to face ambitious projects, sharing all our know-how.

Over the years, we have built a significant technical curriculum, which allows us with no hesitation as reliable partners in the solution of complex mechanical projects.

Research and innovation don’t scare us but it makes us able to move forward in various ranges of mechanical design.

General Mechanical design

High level design

Verme Projects design doesn’t centre his focus only on the boating field, but it also offers a high level of mechanical projecting.

From the simple carpentry to the most complex electromechanical systems, the assistance supplied can cover all the phases, from the embryonic one of concept, from the support to the construction, up to the final phases of approval by the regulatory registries and testing.

Verme Projects offers the follow services:

  • preliminary feasibility study of the project
  • components sizing 
  • structural dimensioning 
  • creation of the dynamic 3D model
  • drafting of 2D constructive tables
  • drafting of documentation for the presentation of the project to third parties
  • drafting of technical documentation
  • drafting of documentation to submit the project to the Regulations

Handling systems

Design and construction assistance for complex mechanisms

Verme Projects, given its experience in the naval field, is able to provide support to the design and construction of many of the mechanisms present on board of both pleasure and commercial or military vessels.

The different features of each ship imply the need to create different solutions in order to reach the desired technical or aesthetic results. The experience in the field and the inventive skill lead Verme Projects to provide an excellent design and construction assistance.

Of vital importance is also the support that is provided in the dimensioning phases, both geometric and structural, of the interfaces of matching between the ship and all its equipment.

Stabilization systems

Stabilizing to increase comfort, performance and safety

The reduction of rolling motions at anchor and during navigation is not only a need related to comfort, but also an essential feature related to the performance and safety of boats.

Verme Projects has developed not only modern electric stabilizers but also advanced control systems that maximize their efficiency.

Propulsion systems

Propulsion from classic systems to innovative ones

Verme Projects offers its expertise both to integrate existing propulsion systems, studying and solving eventual mechanical and/or physical problems, and to propose innovative ideas, especially with an eye to the growing need to convert propulsion systems towards an electric power supply.

Verme Projects – Via Moggia 75/C – 16033 Lavagna (GE) – Italy / +39 0185 323037
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Verme Projects
Via Moggia 75/C
16033 Lavagna (GE) – Italy
+39 0185 323037
VAT 01365960994

Copyright 2021 – Massimo Verme – All right reserved
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Copyright 2021 – Massimo Verme
All right reserved
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