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The partnership with Azimut-Benetti began in 2008, year when Massimo Verme was elected to be one of the company’s managers. Despite choosing to continue in his job as designer, the company proposed to continue to collaborate in other ways, starting a long professional experience.

Benetti Delfino / 2008
The new Delfino, which name celebrates an old project of the building site, is the first one that inaugurates our partnership with Benetti, started in 2008. On the great crisis’ eve we have been charged both as personally and as designing studio to follow the development of new models, together with designer Righini and the building site technique department.
Beyond the Delfino, we have worked on the new Tradition and on the Classic Supreme.

Serie BF 200 / 2011 
We have developed the detailed engineering of the entire ship, starting with the lines plane on the designer’s paper, then with the construction in the building site, up to the delivery.

Serie FB 800 – 50 m – 500 GT / 2012
The fibreglass hull and aluminium superstructure: it was our first project entirely shaped in Nx

Magellano 25 / 2018

Magellano 30 / 2020

The collaboration with Ferretti, started in 2015, year in which Verme Projects was able to propose itself to a renewed company management.

The first important activity related to the new hull range development.

Custom Line 120’
CL 120 has been the project which started our partnership with Ferretti Group. For the first time, a renowned worldwide building site relies on us for the design, in this specific case, of the hull and of the boat structure, and then gives us, working in progress, others engineering activities.
Custom Line 120 was awarded at Cannes and at Fort Lauderdale Boat Show.

Custom Line Navetta 42
Over time we gained also Ferretti Group trust and esteem. Therefore in 2016 they task us to collaborate to the entire technical part development of Navetta 42, the same as our clients did. Hence, it is the first application of our “integration makes the difference” for Ferretti Group.
To Navetta 42 was given the Best Innovation Trophy at Cannes Yacht Festival 2018.

Riva 130’

Partnership with PerMare is a long-term partnership that dates back to 2001. We have developed together several projects, working as an outsourced technical office for many years. Innovators and rich in capacity for fashion independent analysis in terms of Designers, gave us first the opportunity to design our own exterior lines. 

Amer 92
We have particularly at heart Amer 92, because thanks to it we were able to enter in the styling world. Founded in 2006 it is, in fact,  the first ship entirely designed by Verme project even in its exterior lines. Several units have been produced, giving to the building site and us the straight, also financial, to developing others new models.

Amer 116
Amer 116 gave us our first design award. The distinguishing feature of its design and of several others we have proposed, is the arch that extends seamlessly from stern to bow. This solution was hinted  by Palmer & Johnson of the time, but made extreme in our Amer and later even more so in Sir Norman Foster’s Rodriquez, extending the arch to include the bow. Amber 116 was nominated the ship of the year 2009, thanks to its extremely performing waterlines, reaching 26.5 knots with two little 1800 horsepower engines in line, results that have not been replicated yet in a 36m yacht. It was nominated for the Compasso d’Oro award.

Amer Cento
Cannes Innovation Award

Amer Cento Quad
Yacht & Aviation awards 2017

Amer 110
Cannes Innovation Award

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Verme Projects
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+39 0185 323037
VAT 01365960994

Copyright 2021 – Massimo Verme – All right reserved
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Copyright 2021 – Massimo Verme
All right reserved
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